I am looking forward to welcome you back onto my physical dance floor in June. Over the last year I’ve refined my offering and I will now be holding two live classes per month.  


The ‘Healing Moves’ class will now be more of an open class with more time to dance and less time to share. It will still follow the cycle of the year and offer a practice to connect with the element, but there won’t be a circle at the beginning and partner work at the end. I’ll be offering this class every first Tuesday of the month at St. Matthews hall in Exeter.

My Sunday class at Countess Wear village hall, will have the same structure as before, with a circle at the beginning and time to share and integrate at the end. The focus of this class will be on healing, as we utilise the healing gifts of each of the elements. This class is now called ‘Dance for Health’ and I will share a practice of listening to and following our body’s guidance in order to utilise its innate healing mechanism.

My ‘Dance from Home’ class will continue to run every 2nd or 3rd Monday of each month - for those who would like to dance again or can’t make it to the live class.



Whilst covid restrictions apply, please book your place via email or text. In my live classes I will comply with the government legislation and the hall requirements at the time. I will send you my Covid-secure policy when you book.

The cost for the live classes is £10 (concessions available), the ‘Dance from Home’ class is by donation.

I am looking for someone who would like to help me clear the space, welcome people at the door and take payment, in exchange for a free class. If that resonates with you, please email me. (This place has now been taken in the 'Healing Moves' class. It is still available in the 'Dance for Health' class.)


Dates for this year

(If covid restrictions allow it)


Healing Moves

Dance for Health

Dance from home


St Matthew’s hall Exeter

Countess Wear village hall

Where you are


6.30 -9.00pm

6.30 -9.00pm

6.30 -8.30pm


Tue, 1st

Sun, 13th

Mon, 14th (2nd Mon)


Tue, 6th

Sun, 11th

Mon, 19th (3rd  Mon)


No class (due to holiday)

Sun, 15th  (due to holiday)

Mon, 16th (3rd  Mon)


Tue, 7th

Sun, 12th

Mon, 20th (3rd  Mon)


Tue, 5th

Sun, 10th

Mon, 18th (3rd  Mon)


Tue, 2nd

Sun, 7th (hall not avail on 14th)

Mon, 15th (3rd  Mon)


Tue, 7th

Sun, 12th

Mon, 20th (3rd  Mon)



What have the planets got to do with me? Just a few hundred years ago before mind and body got split in western culture we perceived the world as an interconnected organism.