About Xenia

As long as I can remember I've felt an urge to understand the deeper meaning of our lives. Starting with a business career, I soon realised that this wasn’t going to give me the psychological insights I was looking for. I shifted my attention to counselling and dance therapy, which brought me to England in 2000. Here I discovered the three portals for me to understand and bring healing to life:

Psychological Astrology - Creative Kinesiology - Movement Medicine 

In 2005 I began to actively practice Psychological Astrology and in 2011 I gained my Diploma from the Centre of Psychological Astrology.

In 2006 I started to study and work with the energetic anatomy of the human body. When I was looking for a recognised body of work which resonated with my understanding, I found the School of Creative KinesiologyCreative Kinesiology is a healing art, which brings the body, emotions, mind and energy systems back into balance and therefore health. I qualified as a  Creative Kinesiologist in 2014.

In 2009 I began my journey with Movement Medicine, a movement meditation practice designed to connect us deeply with ourselves, other people and all of life. I've been an Apprentice Movement Medicine Teacher and Facilitator since 2014 and graduated in 2020.

I also hold a degree in Business Management and Psychology, a Counselling Certificate and Higher National Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy. I love learning and keep making new connections through my Continuous Professional Development in the fields of Counselling, Astrology, Kinesiology and Movement Medicine. 

I am registered with the BCAM (British Complementary Medicine Association), APAI (Association of Professional Astrologer International) and Movement Medicine Association.


Testimonials Kinesiology

 "At first I wasn’t sure how Xenia and Creative Kinesiology was going to help me, but she has changed my life for the better in so many ways over the past 2 years. Xenia is an incredibly insightful, intuitive creative therapist who has always made me feel very safe. Th❤️nk you." - Lou, Exmouth, Devon

"I've been coming to Xenia quite regularly for the last four years. Working with her has been a remarkable support while I have gone through a series of significant and sometimes challenging life transitions. She has helped me to make some great life-leaps. I like that I can call on her healing gifts when I need, and I feel that her sensitivity, her attunement and her kindness are rare and precious. She is a gifted healer." - Mark, Exeter, Devon



Testimonials Astrology

"Xenia's consultations are a real tool for healing and growth. She is competent, accurate, insightful, compassionate and authentic...very grounded and thorough in her readings. She helped me immensely with profound insights and practical advice in a period of crisis and confusion. I would recommend her astrological consultations to anybody!"  - Valeria Alberigo, Findhorn, Scotland

"Xenia combines her in-depth knowledge of astrology with an intuition rooted in a compassionate and loving heart. Bringing years of personal exploration in the transpersonal realms, she gently reveals the mysteries of your individual journey. If you are feeling lost, confused or puzzled about which way to turn next, I cannot recommend her services highly enough". - Ali Young, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

 "Xenia's consultation was  clear, concise and fascinating. She helped me understand things in my chart that no one had explained to me before. It made so much sense. It was like being handed jigsaw pieces that just fell into place showing me the bigger picture of myself." - Angela, Exeter, Devon

"Working with Xenia has given me some very helpful insights and useful techniques to take away. I so appreciated her clarity and her very gentle and charming approach to a subject she clearly knows well." - Clare Viner, Sidmouth, Devon