What is it ?

Astro CounsellingOnce a sacred art, Astrology is rooted in the ancient worldview of perceiving the universe as an interconnected whole, animated by divine intelligence. Today’s science shows that our entire universe literally was an interconnected whole before the ‘big bang’ and modern sciences such as quantum physics, depth psychology and epi-genetics have given us great insight into the subtle workings beyond our five senses.

In Psychological Astrology the connection between the stars and the human psyche is a symbolic one, stating that anything born at a certain moment in time reflects the qualities of that moment. The birth chart is a map of the universe at the time of our birth, containing the seed of what we can grow into, if fully conscious and allowed to blossom.

In astrology we use symbols to convey connections that our mind just can’t make. These symbols represent ‘Archetypes’ (first type) which are being expressed through our life story. We find them in every story, whether modern or mythic or acted out in our personal lives i.e. we connect with the mother archetype when we want to nurture and be there for somebody. We draw upon the hero archetype at times in our lives when we need to be brave and follow our heart regardless whether other people like it or not.

Our chart is telling a story about us, the stars representing the different characters. They all want to be expressed in our lives. Some of them might get on and so your life runs smoothly in the area of life they affect. But some of them might not like each other and that’s when life becomes troublesome…